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Welcome. My name is Ki-Won Haan. (Korean: 한기원, Chinese character: 韓基源, Meaning: The Foundation of Christianity in Korea). I go by Julian. My hometown in Korea, Andong City, is acclaimed to be the "Capital of the Korean Spirit," home to leading scholars of the Chosun Dynasty. I have spent my youth on the East Coast (NJ) and spent most of my adolescent years in Korea. 


I am currently a doctoral candidate (in 3rd year) at Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University. Being part of the "Carnegie School" and its tradition is an honorable and privileged experience of training in behavioral science of teams. 


Prior to returning to school, I have served the Armed Forces of the Republic of Korea as an Intelligence Officer. My role was mainly coordinating diplomatic negotiations between the Korean Government and U.S. military and Government (DoD). I have experiences of working at the United Nations Command (Korea-US Combined Forces Command), Office of the President of the Republic of Korea (Cheong Wa Dae), and J.P. Morgan Chase (IBD).

I studied at Korea University (B.A., M.S.) and the University of Pennsylvania (Full Academic Year Wharton Exchange).


My research goal is to advance our understanding of the conditions that enable team and team members to become proactive in seeking, sharing, and synthesizing convergent (exploitative) and divergent (explorative) types of knowledge, thereby cultivating adaptive learning capability, such that they are capable of coordinating competing demands—paradox management—and excelling across variegated tasks and situations (collective intelligence).

 Conference SCHEDULE

2019 Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research (INGRoup) Conference
Lisbon, Portugal (July 2019)
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